Peridot Birthstone

14k gold necklace with peridot dropThe shiny birthstone of August is often associated with the sun.
It is known for its lime green color and believed to bring good fortune.

 Do you feel the energy?

 Many believe that the peridot will bring you strength and wealth.
Whether you believe it or not, it would hurt to try!
If nothing else, a peridot necklace is simply elegant and beautiful!

14k yellow gold threader earrings with peridot drop
Some also say that the peridot has the power to fight bad dreams, to make your friendships stronger and to bring happiness.
Maybe it's not such a bad idea to have a peridot close to you after all!

Peridot necklaces and earrings are aiming to make you feel cheerful and uplifted!

Ready to feel these happy summer vibes?


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