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Ruby Birthstone Admired throughout history, the ruby has been considered as the king of gemstones! July's birthstone is known for its deep red color. It is associated with energy and courage. Adored by many civilizations, it has been a way to indicate wealth. Often thought that he who possessed rubies would gain even more. A beautiful and thoughtful gift, a simple ruby pendant. Easy to wear all day long or on a special occasion for a chic and sophisticated look! Because of its color many have associated this beautiful gemstone with blood. It is said that the ruby will protect the wearer. A strong and durable stone that will bring power and success but also love. A symbol of powerful feelings! But even if you don't believe in symbolism, a gold pair of threader earrings with a ruby drop is dainty and unique. A gemstone aiming to bring success in love and battle or simply to make you smile!