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Pearl Birthstone  The valuable gemstone. June's birthstone is known for its creamy white natural luster. It's the only gemstone made by a living creature. Natural pearls are very rare that is why cultured pearls are mostly used in jewelry pieces. Because they are so unique, the word "pearl" can be used to describe anything rare or valuable.  Did you know pearls are sensitive? But with a little extra care, you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time! Just remember to carefully wipe them with a very soft cloth. Slightly warm water and soap is also a safe method but only once in a while! Always keep in mind that pearls don't like cosmetics! So don't let perfume, hairspray, and any type of chemicals come into contact with them! A symbol of purity and innocence. A graceful gift for that special someone! Pearls are offered on the 30th anniversary. But you don't need to wait! A sophisticated pair of earrings will be definitely app