Keep them shining!

Taking care of your jewelry

What if your gold earrings could stay bright and shiny just like the first time you wore them?

14k yellow gold bar earringsYou wouldn't want to wear jewelry that looks old and dirty, would you? Having to clean your pieces every now and then might seem boring. Like having to clean the house, right? But you do it! You could take your jewelry to a jewelry shop and have them freshened up but that would cost you! So why not follow a few easy steps to make your favorite pieces really shine and avoid all the trouble?

First thing's first!
The perfect jewelry box!
Rose gold necklace with pink tourmaline dropYou don't have one? Get one! The one with the little drawers and the separated spaces. Don't stuff all your items together. Every item needs its space. Think of it this way. A hotel has separate rooms. Imagine if it didn't. Everyone would be bumping into one another. And you can't get along well with everyone. Jewelry is just like that. Bumping can lead to scratches. Shiny jewelry and oxidized items don't like each other. And precious gemstones are a little snobbish and they prefer their privacy!

So now you've got your beautiful box, use it!
Every night, before you go to sleep, take off your jewelry pieces and put them in their box. They need to rest as much as you do!
Don't be bored. Yes, you are tired and sleepy, but a couple of minutes really won't make a difference. Besides, wearing jewelry while sleeping is not a good idea! No matter how calmly you sleep, you could get hurt. A bad dream is all it takes and you could wake up with a scratch on your pretty face. A clumsy turn, and in the morning, you might find your favorite necklace into two pieces. Not so good after all, huh?

What's the dreadful sound?
That would be your alarm clock!
What is the first thing you do? OK, that would be coffee. So, the second thing? Probably get dressed, have breakfast, maybe go for a run, take a shower, put on some clean clothes, make-up, perfume... Oh, the things a woman has to do every morning! Did you see the word "jewelry" anywhere yet? No!

So let's start from the beginning.
We agreed that you weren't wearing any jewelry while sleeping. And you really don't need jewelry to have breakfast. OK, maybe you do, but if you have to do some dishes you will have to take your rings and bracelets off again. Why? First of all, precious stones don't like hot water and soap. Especially, pearls. They tend to get a little dull. Also, metals have to be dried very well for the same reason. Even if your skin is not too sensitive, any traces of water or soap on the metal might cause some itching. Not fun!
So the same thing goes for showering. You don't need any rushes or itching and you definitely don't need dull jewelry!

Double star ring in 14k white gold with white natural diamonds

Next thing and this is very important!
Exercise! You don't exercise? Well, maybe you should give it a try. But that's a whole different subject.
Whether you like to go to the gym or for a swim or a run, the same rules apply! Jewelry and exercise don't get along and you might get hurt in the process!

And now it's time to take a shower, get dressed and go to work. Maybe put on some make-up before you leave the house or some perfume or lotion? All these cosmetics hate your jewelry and they want to harm them. So you first apply any products, let them dry, and then put on your favorite jewelry!

14k yellow gold pineapple bracelet with tiny white diamond
Good! You are ready to go. Off to work then!

It is finally here! A couple of days to relax, see some friends, and maybe just maybe, do some housecleaning. Yes, nobody likes that! But you do like your jewelry, so maybe taking half an hour to clean your beloved pieces, won't be so bad. What you need is a simple and very soft cloth like the one you use for your glasses. That's it. No chemicals, no secret recipes. Very gently rub your jewelry. If you do that once a week, there won't be any need for more drastic measures! Still, there are special polishing cloths appropriate for solid gold jewelry that could give an extra sparkle to your items but be aware! Once again, precious stones don't like to be touched by these polishing cloths. Those beautiful snobbish little gems... So be sure to clean only the metal parts! And if you use these polishing cloths, don't forget to rinse your jewelry in some water and dry well. The polishing substance might dull your jewelry if traces are left on them.

Triple hexagon extra long earrings in 14k yellow gold

Extra TIP
Oxidized pieces of jewelry and gold plated items want to be left alone. They don't like to be cleaned at all. They have been specially treated and any attempt to polish them could end up damaging their color. If their oxidization fades with time or the gold plating tarnishes, you should ask a professional jeweler or a jewelry shop to fix your pieces. It is natural for these items to be time sensitive. But they will be as good as new with the proper treatment!

Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?
A couple of easy things to try which your jewelry will love!
The more you take care of your beloved pieces, the more they will shine.
And the more they shine, the more you'll smile.

And that is the brightest sparkle of all!


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