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Keep them shining!

Taking care of your jewelry What if your gold earrings could stay bright and shiny just like the first time you wore them? You wouldn't want to wear jewelry that looks old and dirty, would you? Having to clean your pieces every now and then might seem boring. Like having to clean the house, right? But you do it! You could take your jewelry to a jewelry shop and have them freshened up but that would cost you! So why not follow a few easy steps to make your favorite pieces really shine and avoid all the trouble? First thing's first! The perfect jewelry box! You don't have one? Get one! The one with the little drawers and the separated spaces. Don't stuff all your items together. Every item needs its space. Think of it this way. A hotel has separate rooms. Imagine if it didn't. Everyone would be bumping into one another. And you can't get along well with everyone. Jewelry is just like that. Bumping can lead to scratches. Shiny jewelry and oxidized items


Emerald Birthstone A beautiful gemstone for the last month of spring! May's birthstone, the emerald, is known for its deep, rich, green color. Many believe that it symbolizes rebirth. In May, spring is at its peak. Beautiful, bright colors all around! A unique birthstone for a unique time of year. Don't you think? The emerald is said to bring good fortune and youth to the person wearing it. That sounds good! But even if you don't believe it, it is still an exquisite gemstone and a thoughtful gift! A gold pair of threader earrings with an emerald drop! A symbol of loyalty and peace. Ideal for new beginnings. These gold earrings aim to make you feel relaxed and secure! Light and easy to wear all day long!   A delicate pendant to celebrate your birthday! A magical color to celebrate spring! A special gemstone to celebrate yourself! Cherish every moment and don't forget to smile! You deserve the best!