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It's a classic! We all have that friend who loves personalized jewelry, right? What if you could wear a necklace with your monogram all day long? Never having to take it off. Made of solid gold so that it wouldn't tarnish with time. Minimal so that it could go well with your other necklaces! A personalized gold charm that never goes out of fashion. A dainty touch of magic for a special woman. It's unique... Just like you! Presented with a solid gold chain, thin and discreet, yet durable enough for you to wear every day! A gold monogram gift is always a good idea. Thoughtful and personal! A gift to yourself is even better! Select your monogram and be yourself!


Aquamarine Birthstone Aquamarine means "sea water". A gemstone for peace and harmony. Known for its light blue color, the aquamarine aims to bring tranquility and inner balance to those born in March! A minimal aquamarine necklace can add an elegant touch to your everyday look. A pair of sparkling, threader earrings to complement your smile! Choose your favorite color of gold and make your aquamarine drops unique!