Opal Birthstone

The colorful gemstone! October's beautiful birthstone is associated with love and passion. A special stone that can be found in many colors. But also many colors can be seen in a single opal.
Opal has been wrongfully accused of bringing bad luck just because it is a sensitive gemstone and difficult to work with. But it is actually believed to bring good luck to the ones born in October!

Many also believe that the opal has the power to protect the wearer and bring good health. Whatever your reasons are a delicate opal necklace is a keeper!
Simple and sophisticated,
a gemstone to make your day full of colors!


Sapphire Birthstone

The blue stone!
Even though the sapphire can be found in many colors, September's birthstone is mostly known for its royal blue color. Admired since ancient times, it is believed to protect people from harm.

An elegant pendant for you who are born in September. The sapphire is associated with loyalty and nobility. A dreamy necklace that you may enjoy every day!

A gold pair of threader earrings, light and chic! Many believe that the sapphire is associated with self-discipline and focus of the mind. It represents wisdom.

Simple and sophisticated, a thoughtful gift.

Everyone deserves a little treat once in a while!


Peridot Birthstone

The shiny birthstone of August is often associated with the sun.
It is known for its lime green color and believed to bring good fortune.

 Do you feel the energy?

 Many believe that the peridot will bring you strength and wealth.
Whether you believe it or not, it would hurt to try!
If nothing else, a peridot necklace is simply elegant and beautiful!

Some also say that the peridot has the power to fight bad dreams, to make your friendships stronger and to bring happiness.
Maybe it's not such a bad idea to have a peridot close to you after all!

Peridot necklaces and earrings are aiming to make you feel cheerful and uplifted!

Ready to feel these happy summer vibes?


Ruby Birthstone

Admired throughout history, the ruby has been considered as the king of gemstones!

July's birthstone is known for its deep red color. It is associated with energy and courage. Adored by many civilizations, it has been a way to indicate wealth. Often thought that he who possessed rubies would gain even more.

A beautiful and thoughtful gift, a simple ruby pendant.
Easy to wear all day long or on a special occasion for a chic and sophisticated look!

Because of its color many have associated this beautiful gemstone with blood. It is said that the ruby will protect the wearer. A strong and durable stone that will bring power and success but also love. A symbol of powerful feelings!

But even if you don't believe in symbolism, a gold pair of threader earrings with a ruby drop is dainty and unique.

A gemstone aiming to bring success in love and battle or simply to make you smile!


Pearl Birthstone

 The valuable gemstone.

June's birthstone is known for its creamy white natural luster.
It's the only gemstone made by a living creature. Natural pearls are very rare that is why cultured pearls are mostly used in jewelry pieces. Because they are so unique, the word "pearl" can be used to describe anything rare or valuable.

 Did you know pearls are sensitive? But with a little extra care, you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time! Just remember to carefully wipe them with a very soft cloth. Slightly warm water and soap is also a safe method but only once in a while!
Always keep in mind that pearls don't like cosmetics! So don't let perfume, hairspray, and any type of chemicals come into contact with them!

A symbol of purity and innocence. A graceful gift for that special someone! Pearls are offered on the 30th anniversary. But you don't need to wait! A sophisticated pair of earrings will be definitely appreciated!

 Don't forg…

Keep them shining!

Taking care of your jewelry

What if your gold earrings could stay bright and shiny just like the first time you wore them?

You wouldn't want to wear jewelry that looks old and dirty, would you? Having to clean your pieces every now and then might seem boring. Like having to clean the house, right? But you do it! You could take your jewelry to a jewelry shop and have them freshened up but that would cost you! So why not follow a few easy steps to make your favorite pieces really shine and avoid all the trouble?

First thing's first!
The perfect jewelry box!
You don't have one? Get one! The one with the little drawers and the separated spaces. Don't stuff all your items together. Every item needs its space. Think of it this way. A hotel has separate rooms. Imagine if it didn't. Everyone would be bumping into one another. And you can't get along well with everyone. Jewelry is just like that. Bumping can lead to scratches. Shiny jewelry and oxidized items don't lik…


Emerald Birthstone

A beautiful gemstone for the last month of spring!

May's birthstone, the emerald, is known for its deep, rich, green color. Many believe that it symbolizes rebirth. In May, spring is at its peak. Beautiful, bright colors all around! A unique birthstone for a unique time of year. Don't you think?

The emerald is said to bring good fortune and youth to the person wearing it. That sounds good! But even if you don't believe it, it is still an exquisite gemstone and a thoughtful gift!

A gold pair of threader earrings with an emerald drop!
A symbol of loyalty and peace. Ideal for new beginnings.
These gold earrings aim to make you feel relaxed and secure!
Light and easy to wear all day long!

  A delicate pendant to celebrate your birthday! A magical color to celebrate spring! A special gemstone to celebrate yourself!

Cherish every moment and don't forget to smile!
You deserve the best!